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7 January 2021

Continued Success in the Face of COVID: A message from the Board of Directors

At the December Board of Directors meeting, a first-year parent, student leader, coaches of several athletic teams, and members of the Board commented on the amazing success the Liberty community achieved completing a full semester of in-person classes while keeping our students safe, and their learning on track. This accomplishment is due to Liberty's community-wide response to the Covid challenge including the great preparation, execution and persistence of our teachers and administrators. The Board also recognizes the vigorous efforts of our school volunteers and the unwavering commitment of our students and parents. Each and every one of you exemplify the Class of 2021's school motto "Omnes Viae Tuae Stabilant" (Let All Your Ways Be Steadfast).  

Sustaining our well-designed safety protocols has yielded great results.  Let’s all keep at it, and continue rallying around Colorado’s most excellent school.


Sick Student at Home? Follow This Protocol:
If your child is unwell, determine whether symptoms are “major” or “minor,” and follow this health-department guidance. According to Larimer County public-health officers, illness symptoms are “major” if the patient is feeling feverish or chilled, temperature of 100.4F or higher, loss of taste or smell, new or unexplained persistent cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing. “Minor” symptoms include sore throat, runny nose/congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Any child exhibiting major or minor symptoms should not come to school.

Questions about Covid testing, test results, Covid symptoms, or whether your student should quarantine should be directed to the
Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.
Phone: (970) 498-5500; Text: (970) 999-1770.

Please inform the school immediately should you receive a positive COVID test result per the in-person learning expectations established at the beginning of the school year.

When your child may return to school:
-When your child has minor symptoms only and the symptoms resolve within 48 hours.
-If your child has any major symptoms lasting longer than 24 hours or minor symptoms lasting longer than 48 hours, your child needs a doctor's note with an alternate diagnosis before returning to school, a negative Abbot ID, Binex, or PCR COVID-19 test, or must wait 10 days from the onset of symptoms before returning, with the last 24 hours being fever-free.
-If your child has a negative Abbot ID, Binex or PCR COVID-19 test, he or she may return to school once all symptoms have cleared for 24 hours.

You may view in the External Resources section below the CDPHE guidelines "Can I go to School Today?" "Return to Learn Guidance," and "How Sick is too Sick." 

If you have specific questions, please contact the school office or your healthcare provider.

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