LCHS Breaks State SAT Record

LCHS Breaks State SAT Record 2018
Posted on 08/31/2018
FORT COLLINS, COLORADO— The Colorado Department of Education recently released the 2018 state-wide SAT results, which reveal that the senior class at Liberty Common High School, a charter-public high school in the Poudre School District, broke the all-time state SAT record with its number-one ranked total mean score of 1322. The previous state record was 1307, a score achieved by charter-public school D’Evelyn High School in 2017.

The SAT is designed to gauge college readiness; it is administered to all eleventh-grade students in the more than 540 public-high schools in Colorado.

Liberty Common School Headmaster Bob Schaffer said, “These scores are a reflection of a solid classical, college-preparatory curriculum we’ve built atop the powerful Core Knowledge Curriculum we use in grades K through eight. Liberty Common students worked hard for these results; they belong to them. The school provides a conducive environment, and extraordinary college-level instructors, but the students furnish the most essential element in achieving this milestone – scholarly effort.”

According to Liberty Common High School Principal, Torgun Lovely, the record-breaking SAT scores demonstrate the value of Liberty’s character education program. “The character of these scholars cannot be overlooked. One hundred percent of the class of 2019 sat for the SAT exam, and no compulsory test preparation was required. As a cohort, they were only told to do their very best, and they all knew that meant bringing honor upon themselves and their school by performing at the height of their abilities. To me, this represents a remarkable display of character, in addition to scholarly achievement.”

Dr. Robert Robinson, LCHS Assistant Principal of Academics added, “We are so impressed with what these students accomplished, and we attribute their success to their own hard work, the rigorous instruction they receive from true content experts, and the partnership between home and school that is fostered at a parent-led institution." 

The new state record also reflects the commitment of Liberty Common’s elementary school in delivering a solid academic foundation via the Core Knowledge curriculum. LCS elementary principal Casey Churchill said, “Teachers work together, discussing the best ways to align the rich content of the Core Knowledge curriculum throughout the K-12 progression. The dedication of the entire Liberty faculty to expertly teach the content and required skills at each grade level is extraordinary. By the time our students reach Liberty Common High School, they are literate and have knowledge to achieve,” Churchill added.

Patrick Albright, chairman of Liberty Common School’s parent-led board of directors, credits the remarkable SAT mean score to the quality of the curriculum and the work ethic of the students and faculty, and he also points out that parental support plays a key role at Liberty. “Liberty emphasizes content in science, math, engineering, economics, literature, foreign language, history, and character education,” Albright said. “Our teachers are treated as the professionals they are. Our parents provide an incredible amount of support. It is no surprise that our students achieve these results with the effort they put in, and we could not be prouder of them,” Albright added.

Liberty Common High School is a tuition-free, college-preparatory, charter-public school. Children of all Colorado residents are eligible to attend. The school offers a classical liberal-arts curriculum.

The school emphasizes high-level instruction in math, science and engineering. Liberty’s Latin and economics programs begin in kindergarten and continue through high school.

“Our students and their families deserve the most credit for these record-breaking scores,” Schaffer said. “Liberty’s instructional staff, from kindergarten through high school, is comprised of brilliant content experts and highly skilled  educators who do whatever it takes to boost achievement for each and every Liberty student,” added Schaffer.

CDE SAT Table 2018

Colorado Department of Education SAT data can be found here.

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