Alumni Update: Katie Duff LCHS '18

Alumni Update: Katie Duff LCHS '18
Posted on 09/28/2019
Katie DuffPick up yoga. It will help in the long run, according to Class of 2018 alumna Katie Duff who’s majoring in biology, and pre-health at Colorado State University.

On a recent visit to her alma mater, the college sophomore said her goal is to become an orthodontist.

“Don’t forget your self-care,” Duff advises Liberty students wanting to get the most out of their primary, and secondary education. “Don’t procrastinate. It seems trite, but really – get the things you can do done early so that you have some time to breathe.”

Now in her third semester at CSU, Duff said she finds campus culture very different than high school. “College is very fast-paced, especially once you’re into your second year,” she said.

Only three weeks into the school year, Duff was facing down two back-to-back exams. She’d already tackled a big test earlier in the week; and, she had a major lab report going.

“I feel like Liberty actually really helped with the work-ethic part, especially since I was in leadership here,” Duff said. “I was always doing something (in high school), and now (in college) I’m still always doing something. There is stuff due like every single day. I have like three things due every day, minimum; plus, I work.”

To help pay the bills, Duff works at “The Foundry,” a dining hall attached to one of the resident dorms on the CSU campus. She said she enjoys being part of a friendly crew, and free food.

Duff recalled the washout phenomenon of her first few months on campus. Half of the freshman students living on her residence-hall floor were on academic probation by the second semester, she said. Most were overwhelmed by the homework load.

“Many said they never had to study in high school. Some quickly got into the partying scene,” she said. “As soon as they hit college, they realized they had never really learned how to study.”

A lot of Duff’s freshman colleagues switched majors. “I think every engineering student in my hall switched to business,” she said. “I learned to not hang out with the party crew.”

“I do kind of miss Liberty’s social life,” she added. “I led a whole bunch of 7th graders in my junior and senior year, and I miss that. I was used to being a leader, and Liberty is small enough that I pretty much knew everybody here, and everyone at least knew my face. It’s very different in college. Very few people know you.”

Duff said she still keeps in touch with Mr. Rex Sieple. “Sometimes I come back to LCHS just to talk to our art department,” she said. “I still miss Tullius. I still think about Mrs. Karr. I think of them a lot.”

For reference, Duff said the general pacing of Liberty’s AP studio-art course is very similar to what she’s experienced so far in college. “It drove a good lesson of work ethic,” she said, “just being able to get things done, are qualities I brought with me to college.”

Liberty kids should get in the habit of joining clubs, and campus organizations, according to Duff. “Find people that you really connect with. When you come back (to LCHS), people will still recognize you,” she said.

Duff described walking back through the LCHS front doors on her recent visit. “Some kids I led in the Film Committee saw me, and they ran down the hall to hug me! Find some company that you really appreciate, and enjoy your time in high school.”

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