Alumni Update: Cole Goeltl LCHS '19

Alumni Update: Cole Goeltl LCHS '19
Posted on 11/09/2019
Cole GoeltlThere’s no Grandparents Day at Creighton University – yet. After working on three consecutive Grandparents Day events while at Liberty Common, 2019 grad Cole Goeltl says it may be just a matter of time.

Time, after all, is a concept Goeltl seems to be conquering in his first semester in Omaha. In addition to carrying a full academic schedule, he’s absorbed himself in business clubs, in a leadership-development program, as a Dean’s Fellow in the business school, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, intramural soccer, in an ethics case-study club, also in a business fraternity. He interns with the Outreach Office of the Business School which entails meeting recruits, planning events, and networking within the business school.

He dutifully reads Liberty Common Sense every week; and he’s just getting warmed up.

He reported more big news this past Monday: “Today I was just offered an internship at (an upper-tier Fortune 500 company), and I became the second-ever freshman to be offered a spot in Creighton’s iJay Practicum, where students run the business behind Creighton’s Apple store on campus (only university with one on campus). I will be finalizing the details in the coming days, but I plan on accepting both offers. I could not have done this without Liberty’s preparation.”

These opportunities comport nicely with Goeltl’s triple major in finance, financial technology, and business intelligence and analytics. “I could get these three majors in three years,” he said during a recent visit to LCHS. “I got out of a lot of credits just by attending Liberty – foreign language, humanities, math, and science. That frees up more than a full semester.”

“I’m surprised more Liberty kids don’t go (to Creighton),” he added. LCHS sibling grads Nicholas (’14) and Laura Tsiouvaras (’15) are both Creighton grads, too. Goeltl says the best things about the school are “all the opportunities and connections you can make. They have 6,000 internship opportunities for only 2,000 undergraduate business students.”

Goeltl’s hardest class so far: English. His professor boasts his average grade is a C-. Goeltl boasts, “I’m the only kid in the class who has an A- right now. He’s a very, very tough grader.”

Other classes Goeltl’s taking include accounting, theology, communications, an online speech class, and freshman seminar. His favorite, he says, is microeconomics where the full professor is also a VP of a multinational investment bank, and financial-services company. Goeltl’s largest class so far is 38 students.

His goal is to pursue a career in finance. In the meantime, Goeltl’s enjoying the academic challenges.

He’s thriving in Creighton’s Jesuit Catholic culture, too. “I go to Mass every single Sunday; and the Mass is incredible. Every single Mass and Homily is just unbelievable,” he said. “I did a freshman retreat which was a great spiritual experience.”

“I feel totally prepared. It’s been a very, very, very smooth transition for me. No bumps along the way whatsoever,” Goeltl said. “Some freshmen are stunned by the rigors of college. They ask, ‘you have to study for tests here? You have to read the textbook?’”

“So far, I have the highest grade in my accounting class – and most of the students in it are sophomores. There’s only a few freshmen in the class,” he said.

A consummate networker, Goeltl stays in touch with his LCHS classmates despite their being scattered to campuses across the country. “All the Liberty kids that I’ve been keeping in touch with say they’re doing really well in college.”

The most valuable skill from liberty: “Definitely the critical thinking. It helped me so much. Going to Liberty has put me, I feel, light years ahead in being able to handle thinking problems.”

“The math program here at Liberty has prepared me, especially for accounting” he said. “Some problems (Creighton) give(s) us take most of the class a long time, but I’m getting through them in no time at all.”

“Liberty taught me the theories to really know the logic behind problems. I’m so glad I got that at Liberty.”

Liberty teachers he misses: Tullius. “I was his IA (instructional assistant) for three years, and had him for three classes,” Goeltl said. “He helped me to become not just a better writer, but to think critically. I like how his essays have no page limits. He just wanted us to write a good essay, and to know what a good essay is.”

Mr. Lovely for pre-calculus. “He just gave me a whole other level of understanding math,” Goeltl said. “That’s helping me enormously.”

Mr. Hultin: “His speech class gave me an advantage; and, in his 8th-grade class, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was the first book I really learned to love thanks to the way Mr. Hultin teaches it.”

Elementary teacher: Mr. Ronen. “He had such a great connection with every single one of his students. Even after he hadn’t seen us for years, he still knew all our names, and knows what we’re interested in. And he helped me develop a love for math,” Goeltl said with a big nostalgic smile.

Goeltl’s advice to faithful Liberty students: “Jump at every opportunity, and find ways to love what you’re doing. Liberty will make everything so much more enjoyable for you (in college), and you’ll do way better.”

“Creighton is everything I was expecting, and more,” Goeltl said. “I’m loving it. Liberty prepared me very well.”

Go Bluejays!