Alumni Update: Evelyn Wagner LCHS '15

Alumni Update: Evelyn Wagner LCHS '15
Posted on 02/13/2020
When 2015 LCHS alumna Evelyn Wagner speaks, everyone at Liberty knows how much they’re loved. That was certainly the case last week when the recent Benedictine College graduate delivered keynote remarks at this year’s LCHS Gratitude Lyceum – view here on Youtube.

Miss Wagner asked students to consider the parental support they’ve received. “Why would anyone give so freely and receive so little in return?” She suggested there’s only one explanation as to why their families, teachers, friends, and especially their mothers would sacrifice so much for them. “The answer, my dear friends, is love,” she said.

“You are loved more than you know,” Wagner assured an attentive student body. “Every person who has touched your life has done so out of love for you. Every teacher who has opened your eyes to truth, every coach who gave up hours of their weeknights and countless weekends, every parent, sibling, friend, family member who has driven you, clothed you, or housed you has done so out of love for you.”

In college, Wagner studied accounting and finance, and minored in theology. Now, she’s studying for the Certified Public Accountant exam. In a previous Alumni Update entry, Wagner wrote that she plans to “become a missionary for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, and commit for two years serving on a college campus leading student to Christ through Bible studies, and one-on-one discipleship.”

Wagner’s younger siblings Davis (’20), and Cole Wagner (’22) were both in the audience and seated with other members of the LCHS House Domus Temperantiae, the same House their big sister once served as House Captain. “Going to school here is hard, and no one understands that more than me,” she told the assembled students spanning grades 7 – 12.

“But sometime between three weeks, and three years from now, you will start hearing back from colleges,” she explained. “Many of you will get accepted into prestigious schools. And collectively you will earn thousands of dollars in scholarships. And when that time comes, I want you to pause, take a deep breath, and look up. Have you earned it?”

Wagner urged students to “think of how much your grades are a reflection on your teachers, the school’s Academic Support Team, your coaches, teammates, Liberty education, tutors, and parents. Who drove you here over the years – every day, twice a day, 160 days a year? Someone drove you here.”

Wagner implored students to be grateful everything parents do to support them. “Your parents fed you, put a roof over your head, and gave you clean clothes,” she reminded.

Being young and dependent on others is not something to be ashamed of, Wagner said. Expressing gratitude for the countless things others do for us is not a statement of weakness. “It should also be the cause of our highest joy,” she said.

“To you who couldn’t even spell meiosis, was given the knowledge of how you were made,” Wagner explained. “The generosity you’ve experienced in your life shows the extent to which you are loved.”

Go Ravens!