LCS COVID Response

Schoolwide Update:
12 January 2022

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment announced in January 2022 it will no longer furnish timely reports to schools and other institutions about confirmed COVID-positive cases. Accordingly, COVID-positive cases will no longer be updated here.

New quarantine recommendations from CDC:
4 January 2022
There are new guidelines addressing when to quarantine due to a positive COVID test, or suspected COVID exposure. The recommendations vary based upon symptoms, vaccine status, and masking tolerance. Reminder: directives to quarantine are issued by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, and not by Liberty Common School. CLICK HERE for detailed information from the CDC. 

Please continue to support our mission objective of keeping students learning in-person with minimal disruptions by keeping ill students at home.

Schoolwide Update:

24 September 2021

County Disruptions Escalate. The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment issued multiple notices to schools this past week indicating it is reversing course on various pandemic-related regulatory tactics in ways that disrupt perforce the learning process for some students. The school is complying as commanded. 

The new LCDHE edicts, whether prudent or inchoate, are imposed under comprehensive powers government workers say are derived from Colorado Revised Statues 25-1-506(3)(b)(VI). This law empowers LCDHE workers “to establish, maintain, and enforce isolation and quarantine,” and “to exercise physical control over property and over the persons of the people within the jurisdiction of the agency…for purposes of public health.” Please know the school’s administration and parent-led Board of Directors are intent to sustain our academic mission including in-school instruction, and parental authority. LCDHE’s priorities, however, are different. Its punitive authority is overriding. Despite our most strenuous efforts, LCDHE’s actions may undermine customary learning imperatives.

Those ultimately responsible for these and other LCDHE regulatory decisions are the three elected public servants of the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. Each may be reached by CLICKING HERE.

Elementary Updates:

Masking On Buses.
  Federal orders mandate all passengers wear face masks when riding a school bus.  Accordingly, all LCS students are required to wear a facemask before boarding any LCS bus, and while en route.  LCS elementary students intending to shuttle to the high-school campus, and who do not have a facemask, will be directed to the LCS front office where a parent/guardian will be called to pick them up.  CLICK HERE to view the mandate.

In-Classroom Instruction. The school is not reactivating remote-access cameras at this time.  Instructors of students who have been ordered to quarantine by LCDHE will work with students and families to send work and learning materials home to maintain academic standing.  The school will activate remote-access infrastructure should circumstances warrant.

High-School Updates:

Remote Classroom Access.  In cases where students are commanded by LCDHE to quarantine, LCHS will extend remote classroom access.  These are the only cases where remote access is an option. Students adhering to the school’s medical request to stay home if experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID should contact the front office for possible remote-access availability. Parents of students experiencing prolonged medical absence should contact the school.  

Masking On Buses.  Federal orders mandate all passengers wear face masks when riding a school bus.  Accordingly, all LCS students are required to wear a facemask before boarding any LCS bus, and while en route.  Student-athletes who are noncompliant with the mandate will not be permitted to participate in athletic events.  CLICK HERE to view the mandate.

Watch for Symptoms, Stay Home.  If your student develops any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, follow isolation guidelines.  Stay home from work/school and avoid other activities around other people.  Symptoms include:  Feeling feverish, having chills or temperature of 100.4°F or greater ● Loss of taste or smell ● New or unexplained persistent cough ● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ● Sore throat ● Runny nose or congestion ● Muscle or body aches ● Headache ● Fatigue ● Nausea, vomiting ● Diarrhea.

Schoolwide Update:
Friday 20 August 2021
Dear Families of Liberty Common School (k-12):
Since last week’s school communication to all LCS families (Wed 11 Aug) regarding pandemic mitigation (CLICK HERE), a new federal bulletin was issued, days ago, by which a COVID-related mandate extends to school-bus passengers. That order can be found by CLICKING HERE. 
If you plan for your child to ride an LCS bus for shuttling between campuses, and/or in transit to an offsite event, please ensure she or he wears a facemask in compliance with the federal mandate. The school will furnish extra masks for students needing one (but our supply is certainly not unlimited).
Though explaining the new bus-related mandate is the main purpose of this communication, it also serves as an opportunity to restate the School’s COVID protocols, and procedures. With the school year starting Monday, all LCS families are advised of the following accordingly.
Liberty Common School operates on the universal premise that it is the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. As such, unless compelled under threat of force by some governing authority of valid jurisdiction, the school will not act to undermine the inviolable authority of parents. 
In due deference to parents, Colorado’s state government has affirmed it will honor the judgment of citizens in responding to localized pandemic circumstances. The state has issued public-health opinions, and recommendations for Colorado residents to consider which the school supports for individual evaluation, and response. 
Some federal public servants have also issued similar recommendations, and opinions. For example, the government agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance and commentary relative to current outbreaks (CLICK HERE) including E.coli, salmonella, listeria, and COVID-19.  Adhering to these state and federal approaches, the school fully supports, and respects the authority of parents to direct healthcare behaviors for their family members – including children attending our school – which to them, are judged to be most prudent. 
LCS maintains ongoing communication with local public-health workers, and is prepared to assist them if lawfully forced to manage student-quarantine orders throughout the year. The opinions and guidance of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment are POSTED HERE for all LCS families to consider in their healthcare decision making. 

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