Robotics Teams Qualify for State

Robotics Teams Qualify for State
Posted on 02/07/2020
Liberty’s two FIRST FTC robotics teams – Team #5899, “LASER;” and #15403, “Lunar Landers” – both qualified at the state-qualifying match hosted by LCHS last Saturday. Lunar Landers received the “Motivate” Award and advanced as the 2nd-place winners of the “Inspire” Award. LASER received the “Think” Award, and advanced as the qualifying-tournament host team. Everyone’s thankful for the work of tournament director Tami O’Malley, and the volunteers without whom such an event could not have succeeded. 

Robotics Team Lunar Landers
Lunar Landers teammates include: Bennet Klaver (10), Drake Baldwin (10), Justin Ackerman (11), Abi Tate (9), Alex Heckman (10), Caden Young (9), Gideon Baugh (9), Jasper Cox (10), and Tony Ortiz (10).

Robotics Team Laser
Laser teammates include: Yasin Khadbai (8), Ian Smith (11), Liam O’Malley (11), Nathan Fraser (12), Sunny Taylor (11), Heather Hepworth (8), Gillian Hepworth (11), Amber Kranz (10), and Aldous Jeon (12).