BOD Elections 2019

Liberty Common School Board of Directors play an integral role in sustaining the mission and vision of our school.  With set term limits, elections will take place each year to fill vacant seats.  This year the Liberty BOD has 3 open positions that will need to be filled.  We currently have 4 potential candidates that are running for the BOD.  Below are the applications received by the Board of Directors. 

Voting will take place during the week of April 15-19.  Please know that this election is very important. For an election to be official 50% of all eligible voters must cast their ballot and the winning vote count(s) must total at least 25% of the eligible voters. 


Candidates will present to the Liberty BOD on March 28th at the monthly BOD meeting at 6:00 PM.  Please attend if you would like to ask any question or meet any of the candidates.