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Closure Extended: It comes as little surprise that the state has extended its public-school-closure order to Thursday, April 30th from Friday, April 17th. That leaves just a couple weeks of practical learning opportunity beyond the new reopen target, and makes it less likely that schools will physically open for this school year. Our fingers are crossed nonetheless. Liberty Common School will continue to improvise, adapt, overcome, and love.

All Liberty Common K-12 classes will be held online through April 30. Additional information about events and activities can be found on the LCS Covid-19 Response Page

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Liberty Common School has gone online. To remotely deliver our exceptional curriculum, LCS is now using online-meeting platform Zoom, and is expanding the use of Google Classroom. View a video tutorial about Zoom for education or general one minute lessons. Get specific links for classes through Google Classroom. 

Student privacy remains of the upmost importance. LCS has composed a statement regarding Zoom and student-data privacy

At the start of April, Zoom Founder and CEO, Eric S. Yuan, released a statement addressing recently revealed privacy and transparency concerns.

The Liberty Common community is online, as well. Follow us at these social media sites to stay up-to-date on other community members and to share your story. 

During this remote learning period, encourage your student to take a break from sitting at the computer between classes to avoid the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting and screen use. Even if they have classes scheduled all day, they can spend a few minutes to stand up, stretch, walk away from the computer, and adjust vision to longer-distance views. 

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Elementary Information

Elementary classes consist of a set check-in, a check-out and various classes throughout the day, increasing with grade level. Check-in and -out times are staggered so that families with multiple students can share electronics and so our students do not have to spend all day in front of a screen. View the introductory letter from Principal Casey Churchill containing information critical to all Liberty K-6th-grade families, including online-learning schedules, IT requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions.  

View the Elementary Master Schedule.

Principal Casey Churchill and Assistant Principal Sandy Stoltzfus hosted two question and answer sessions for parents. View session one here and view session two here.


High School Information

Classes begin at 7:45AM with the expectation to move the curriculum forward and provide the same quality LCHS education to all of our junior-high and high-school students, regardless of location. Class content, duration, workload, and expectations will vary by teacher and class, just as they do in the traditional “brick-and-mortar” school setting. Attendance will be taken, but if a student is “absent” from a class, the expectation will be that the video is watched at a later time for that course. Further details can be found in the introductory letter from LCHS Principal Torgun Lovely. Principal Lovely hosted two orientation sessions, one of which may be viewed the orientation here at your convenience. 

Homework Boards

Homework boards are updated regularly and may be accessed at the following links. 

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