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A Triumph of Curriculum

By: Bob Schaffer, Headmaster

Years of research have confirmed the things that matter most in a child’s education. Student initiative is paramount. Parental guidance is second. Third is the quality of the curriculum.

Sure, our school fosters student initiative, and embraces the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. It is the curriculum, however, that the school’s professional educators orchestrate in a way that is unique in public education.

It’s quite easy, now that the school year is over, to survey the havoc the pandemic has wreaked across the public-education landscape. It’s devastating really; but not at our school.

Our unwavering fidelity to a superb, and rigorous curriculum has inoculated Liberty Common School against the intense battering of a worldwide virus, and its subsequent political obstacles. Amid myriad disruptions, our curricular sequence has served as an institutional North Star.

We have been perfecting our vision, strategies, projects, and classroom tactics for over 23 years to an extent that everyone associated with the school knew what needed to be done upon the first signal of pandemic uncertainty. In this regard, our school stands virtually alone.

Indeed, Liberty’s curriculum has led its students to triumph. The core essence of our school – an intense focus upon the things we teach – empowers our mighty community to improvise, adapt, overcome, and love.

Here, at the end of the school year’s final day, I think that’s a fairly gorgeous note upon which to conclude.

Updated Information

  • Fall 2020. The LCS administration is contemplating, studying, and analyzing several scenarios for safely delivering the 2020-2021 curriculum to Liberty students. Once a plan is finalized, it will be communicated to Liberty families on this website, via the Liberty Common Sense newsletter, as well as email or phone calls as appropriate.
  • Summer School. The logistics of summer school at LCS have been communicated to the students and families enrolled in summer-school classes. Additional questions can be directed to Mrs. Sandy Stoltzfus at the elementary campus, and Dr. Robert Robinson at the high school campus.

Additional information about Liberty Common events and activities can be found on the LCS Covid-19 Response Page

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